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Hello guys, hope you are all well today’s post as from the title is a collaborative with an amazing blogger, I have gotten to know recently called Ellie. I couldn’t be more excited to collab with her as her blog is so flawless and through talking to know her I can tell she is an amazing and lovely person she has put so much effort into her blog you guys should defiantly go and check it out, supporting her in continuing to grow her blogging platform as she has such creative ideas that everyone. should get to read. Her links to social media and her blog will be included towards the end so don’t forget to check them out.

Today we have asked each other a range of questions varying from beauty and just getting to know us that we are going to answer on our blog’s so I hope you enjoy hearing my answers.

1. If you could describe yourself in one quote what would it be?

For me as cliche as this might sound, as I am strong believer in living in the moment it would have to be ‘You Only Live Once’ because it is ultimately a summary of my thoughts and is so accurate.

2. Where do you live by; seaside, countryside, city or town?

I live in London, capital of England and obviously a such massive iconic city.

3. What lead you to start your blog?

As basic as this may sound, it was ultimately my love of makeup and being requested to start a youtube channel by all my Instagram followers at the time, which I didn’t feel comfortable in doing as didn’t feel confident enough I leaned towards blogging as its such an engaging an interacting way to get in contact with those who share the same love for something you do.

4. How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?

I am 16 now for anyone who doesn’t know, but I began by wearing mascara and filling in my eyebrows infrequently from around the age of 12 then slowly I began to try more and filled in my eyebrows more regularly ( god knows why, they were horrendous !) But I brought my first foundation at the age of 14, and from then started to slowly practise more and trying to wear full face of makeup.

5. How would you describe your personally style?

I personally am not the biggest fashion lover, or the first to jump on trends usually so I would describe it as quite ‘basic’.

6. Do you watch Youtube, and who’s your favourite youtuber?

I always watch Youtube – I love it and my favourite youtuber changes every so often but at the moment is Caitlin Lawrence as I love her vlogs.

7. How long have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging for just under a year, so I guess you can say I am still new to it all !

8. Have you ever been to a blogging event ?

No I haven’t, I guess as a smaller blogger I haven’t had that opportunity yet, but I’d love to one day in the future attend one.

9. Do you have any other hobbies aside from blogging?

I really enjoy reading and thats a major thing I do in my spare time, I hopefully want to incorporate some book reviews on my blog soon, I also am quite an academic person so I do enjoy studying and learning new things and through being inspired by study you tubers such as Eve Bennett and UnJaded Jade when I begin school for the new year I will be dedicating a lot of revision based blog posts so look forward for that.

10. What is your current career and what are your plans after you leave sixth form?

So currently as I am 16 years old I haven’t began working as of yet and currently don’t intend to as I wish to focus majority of my attention on studying and feel it would be difficult to juggle school work and a job. As I am finished year 11 I am heading into my first year of A-Levels but by the end of sixth-form I am planning to go to University like many people I am still undecided on what I will study but I guess I still have time to choose !

11. Do you like to read, and what is your favourite book?

I love to read, and always use my kindle and currently my favourite book of course has to be a classic ‘ The Fault In Our Starts’ because I recently re-read it and just fell back in love I think the story is beautiful.

12. What is one of your favourite ways to relax?

One of the major things I love to do to relax is to paint my nails I just love doing it despite be not being great at it I enjoy spending time doing it.

13: What are your three top personal traits?

I would say ,I am quite conscientious as I like to think I am quite organised. I am also quite open and those close to me always know how I am feeling simply from looking at me. I can also be quite childish at times, not highly immature but I love play fighting and things like that.

14. Do you prefer painting your nails or applying false nails?

I love the look of acrylic nails when I get them done but they take so long to do I have to sit for ages, and they do damage my nails when removing so I would have to say painting my nails.

15. Do you have any beauty tips you swear by?

Yes I have quite a few, firstly always use primer a lot of people skip this step as they think that its not necessary but it honestly makes such a massive difference to the end result, also another tip is always take your time some people are really skilled in doing makeup in timed condition but honestly for the best result take your time to achieve a more flawless finish.

16. Have you ever done someone’s makeup for them?

I have, several time’s when getting ready with my friends for parties and other stuff I often do their eye makeup, I’ve also done family members makeup for special occasions.

17. What’s is your all favourite eyeshadow palette?

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette is my go-to  palette is has a beautiful selection of warm shades that I tend to wear daily.

18. Do you have a blogging goal you would like to achieve and if so what is it?

I personally don’t set myself goals as they can becoming really consuming but I am really happy with the way my blog is going at the moment so I hope it continues going in that direction.

Okay so that rounds up all of the questions I answered today I hope you enjoyed reading it please don’t forget to have a look at Ellie’s post, to have a look at the questions I asked her her link is here:

Thank you for reading, Stay beautiful  x

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2 thoughts on “Blogger Babble- collab post

  1. Ellie Jones says:

    Oh Rachel :,) you are the sweetest human being :,) I was feeling poorly today and you have just brightened my day more than imagineable! I loveeeeeed reading all your answers! I feel like I know you a little better now and it’s the loveliest feeling šŸ˜€ I can’t believe we have some really similar traits too. I am also a quiet and a conscientious one, haha šŸ™‚ There’s some things you love that I haven’t tried before, like reading The fault in Our Stars and the Anastasia Beverley Hills MR palette that I am now certainly intrigued to try šŸ™‚ I loved the TFIOS film (which I only watched for the first time this year :0) so seen as I too enjoy a good read I think I would most enjoy it too šŸ™‚ Rachel I cannot believe you have only been blogging for one year; you are flipping flopping fantabulous at blogging lovely! You appear to be a seasoned pro, hehe šŸ™‚ I am so blessed and made up we have found each other through blogging lovely! I cannot wait to get to know you more and revel in glorious blogging and beauty chats together šŸ™‚ ā¤ x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Floralbeautyguru says:

      Aw I am glad you enjoyed reading my post and hope you feel better soon and I’ve flipping LOVED collating with you I am so grateful for your continued support darling can’t wait to see your post and defiantly continue to stay contact I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through doing this collab it’s an amazing idea xxxxxx


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