Anastasia Modern Renaissance Look

Hey my loves, today I am going to be doing a look on with the ABH modern renaissance palette, which is one of my favourite palettes !

Its a really simple look that anyone could re-create so I hope you guys like reading it.

So to start and prep my eyelids, I used my beloved LA Girl pro concealer and set it with translucent powder to allow the shadows to blend easier. Once I set it with translucent powder I took the shade ‘burnt orange’ on a fluffy brush and blent it softly in my. crease. Taking a flat brush I packed the shade ‘love letter’ all over my lid also close to my lash line. I blent the two shades together with a fluffy brush. I then took ‘primavera’ a beautiful gold shimmer shade on my brow bone as a highlight. For my inner corner I felt like doing something different so I took a pink shimmer shade from the Naked 3 and placed that on my inner corner for highlight. To add more to my look I took the orange shade from the palette called ‘relier’ and softly applied that too my lower lash liner and added more as I went along for more pigmentation.

Once I had finished that, I took some liner for this I used the L’Oreal super liner perfect slim and I took any black shadow to set it in placed to add a matte finish. Lastly I added mascara to my look using the soap & glory thick and fast which I love. That pulls together the entire look so I hope you enjoyed seeing it x

Thank you for reading x

Stay beautiful x
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DIY- Oreo Milkshake

Hey my loves recently I have discovered a new found love for making milkshakes so I am going to share with you my quick and easy recipe for my perfect Oreo milkshake- its honestly so easy !

Things you will need: a packet of Oreos, milk, straw, cup, cream, blender, ice-cream – preferably Haagan Dazs cookies&cream !

Step 1: Crush up around 4 full sized Oreos and place in blender. Slightly crushing them up beforehand will make the blending process easier.

Step 2: Take 2-3 scoops ice-cream choose between plain vanilla or Haagan Dazs cookies&cream – recommended

Step 3: Add a splash of milk to prevent the milkshake being to thick.

Step 4: Blend for 2-3mins depending on your blender.

Step 5: Pour into a glass, add cream on the top and use remaining crushed up Oreo from previously to decorate the top and add a straw

Step 6: Enjoy your drink !

Thank you for reading

stay beautiful x

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Bronzy eye and glowy makeup look

Hello guys I am going to show you guys how I achieved this beautiful makeup look I did the other day that I really liked and is something I am probably going to start wearing quite often.

As usual I did my brows first (brow tutorial coming soon) and I also used concealer all over my eyelids and set it with translucent powder for eyeshadows to blend easier and it is the base I love starting with.

For my eyeshadow I used my much loved Pro Artist custom eyeshadow palette filled with all my chosen shades. I used a mixture of shades but started with the shade ‘intervention’ from freedom makeup in the crease. I used the colour ‘bad behaviour’ mixed with ‘matte 10’ as a transition shade and to do add more dimension I took ‘sweet life’ on a small definer brush on my outer lid. Once I had finish and blended that all together I took the urban decay original primer potion on the lower part of my lid to prep for the shimmer shadow which for this I used the Mac eyeshadow in the shade amber lights on lid.

Moving onto my skin I prepared it for foundation using my Maybelline instant pore eraser primer I then took the Makeup revolution strobe cream to add a big of glow. Then I took some foundation on my beauty blender I mixed some of the Mac strobing liquid in Golden Exiler  with my foundation to contribute to the glowing skin. For foundation I used my Nars luminous weightless foundation as it fit with this makeup look really well. For concealer I mixed my favourite combination using my Nyx HD concealer down the bridge of my nose for highlight, under my eyes and my chin, forehead for a more structured finish. Under my eyes for more coverage I took the LA girl pro concealer . To set my concealer and pro long to wear of my makeup I took the Laura mercier loose translucent powder, aka my favourite thing ever !  Next for my contour I went really soft using a bit of my LA girl pro concealer but in a darkest shade mahogany. It took me a while to blend but I took my beauty blender to do so and it gave me a really nice finish.  For highlight we all know my favourite is my Mac mineralise skin finish in gold deposit its a beautiful golden baked highlighter which I also placed in my inner corner and slightly and my brow bone.

I then moved back onto my eyes taking my Mascara for L’Oreal, the baby roll  to complete the eye look and added soap and glory thick and fast for more length .

For lips I took my sleek lip liner in soft brown for a nice shape and took my revolution lip liner in reign for a ombre lip look and topped it off with go-to nude pinky lip gloss for b- superdurgs own brand..

I hope you enjoyed the look I cerated !

Thank you for reading, stay beautiful x
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Try It Tuesday – Freedom Pro Artist HD eye foils.

Hey guys, thank you for opening this blog post, today I will be reviewing a set of five eyeshadows from Freedom Makeup for this weekly try it Tuesday. These are in the shade ‘burnt’ they have a range of different colour selections to choose from but I stuck to my usual warm tone as per usual.

They come well packaged un individual magnetic pans that you can place into a palette if you own one. These are incredible well priced at £5 you get five eyeshadows which is an amazing bargain.

These eyeshadows swatch well as although they are quite a powdery constancy they are still insanely pigmented. The shades don’t require are large amount of build up however you apply too much you will, as with any other shadows, get fallout.

The matte shades have to be my favourite as they work perfectly as warm transition and crease colours and they do work perfectly with any look. Shades like this do typically work best during autumn but I think they easily look great all year round.

I was really impressed with these shadows as they are insanely pigmented and work well together whilst look amazing on the eyes. The shimmer shades are quite similar to each other but they are still beautiful and are not really glittery they are subtle making it great for everyday use.

I really recommend these shadows as they are so cheap and I honestly use them so often. As you can see from the look I created these shadows look great to created any really simple look.

Thank you for reading, this weeks ‘Try It Tuesday’ I really loved this product and I defiantly recommend you guys try these shadows out.

Stay beautiful x

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half highend vs high drugstore makeup look

Hey guys welcome to this post I know that the whole ‘drugstore vs highend’ trendent around a while ago but I never got a chance to do one on my blog so I am doing it now and I cannot wait to show you guys this look I created. I tried my best to find a range of perfect duped and I had fun doing it so I hope you enjoy seeing it.

I began with a fresh moisturised face as I don’t have similar primers I missed out that step. I chose my left side to be my highend side and my drugstore side obviously the right side. Beginning with my right side for brows I started with my Freedom brow pomade in granite and this impressed although I haven’t reached for this product in a while it still performed well and looked better than my high end side in my opinion. I concealed and neatened up around my brows using my Nyx HD concealer . For my Highend side I dipped into my Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in granite also. I usually do love my ABH dip brow but today I did prefer my drugstore brow it just looked a lot neater in my opinion. I tried to conceal it with my Urban decay naked skin concealer.

I continued with my eyes and took for my drugstore side took my revolution eye primer to prep for my eyeshadow and I applied this with my fingers. On my other eye I took the Urban decay original eye primer these are both quite similar products and once blended they both look clear on the lid and basically do the same job.  Continuing with the eyes I took the Urban decay naked 2 and the makeup revolution iconic 2 which are practically identical ! 

I took cool brown tones from each palette in my crease and blended it out slightly applying a small amount of black shades in each palette to deepen the look. I then concentrated  golden glitter from each palette on inner parts of my lid. Each palette performed well but I have to admit the Urban Decay shadows did blend easier and need less work but the end result of each eye was so similar. I then took the lightest colour from each palette as an inner corner highlight.

 To complete the eyes of course I added mascara on the left I took an old favourite the benefit roller lash for the drugstore side I took my everyday go-to, maybelline lash sensational.

For base make-up starting with foundation I took my Nars sheer glo on my high end side which  has quite a medium coverage and the product I took as a dupe was my L’oreal True match. Although the drugstore foundation was slightly more dewy applying more powder sorted that problem making them look more similar, these are my two go-to foundations and I think they compared well. Too highlight my dull under eyes I used the same concealers I used under my brows, Nyx HD concealer for drugstore and my naked skin by urban decay. The Nyx concealer does have less coverage but they are similar packaging and colour wise. To set my concealer in order to make it last longer I used the baking technique with loose powders. Firstly on the left I used my Laura mercier loose translucent powder which is ridiculously expensive but is totally amazing quality. For my other drugstore side, I took by collection loose sheer powder, such a bargain price, I used it when I first started makeup but I do only use a small amount as it can kind of make your makeup cakey. I missed out contour and bronzer and cony out as unfortunately I don’t have any drugstore and high end products similar so I moved on to highlight. I took the Mac mineralise skin finish in gold deposit my absolute go to golden warm highlight. I took a almost identical highlighter from Makeup revolution in rock on world, packaging wise they look alike, they also have similar constancy and both are insanely pigmented. For blusher to add some colour to my cheek for my left high end side I took the famous Nars orgasm which is so shimmery and glowy and for the other side I took one from my sleek blush palette in lace which is so similar but less glittery.

Lastly lips lips lips ! I paired my shimmery gold eye with a brown toned nude, on the left my favourite Mac lipstick in the shade paramount and I tried my hardest to pair it with Rimmel London shade 48 Lastly finished off with gloss ! On the left Clarins instant light lip-perfectos 06  and a superdrug own brand pink nudey lipgloss !

That completes today’s blog post, of my drugstore vs highend, I hope you enjoyed it !

Stay beautiful x

Thank you for reading !
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Victoria sponge Cake Recipe- The perfect summer treat !

Hey guys, today I am going to be doing something on my blog that I have never done before… Baking ! It is something that I love doing clearly you can tell I am no where near professional level, I simply do it for fun but I thought I would show you something that I baked recently that I thought would be amazing during summer.

Before you start, wash your hands and pre heat your oven I put mines to Gas mark 4.

STEP 1: Grease your two baking cases and add greaseproof paper. This is to stop the cake sticking to the case. It is really simple I use butter around the

STEP 2: Add 225g sugar to a large mixing bowl, then take roughly the same amount (225g) of room temp butter into the bowl and fold it in I used a spatula for this but whatever works for you is best

STEP 3: Add 3-4 free range eggs, as I had large eggs I only added 3 eggs and then whisked it in after adding it each one in.

STEP 4: I drizzled in a few drops of vanilla extract, to get rich flavouring, be careful not to over do the amount you add.

STEP 5: I then mixed it all together until I got a smooth consistency.

STEP 6: Time to add the dry ingredients, I took my sieve and slowly put in 225g of self-raising flour.

STEP 7: Next I measured out two teaspoons of baking powder and added it through the sieve after mixing it all together for the around 3mins.

STEP 8: The consistency of the batter made should be able to fall off a spoon, as mine was slightly thicker I added in a splash of milk to make it a lot smoother.

STEP 9: Now the hardest part is finished is is now to evenly distribute the mixture amongst the two baking cases that I previously grease and lined with greaseproof paper.

STEP 10: Once that is done and it was an even amount I put both cases in the oven for approx 1hr and 20mins,which seems like a long time but my oven isn’t the best for baking so I recommend you keep an eye on your own and take it out when you feel ready.

STEP 11: Carefully take out take out each cake case and leave to cool down for no less than 20mins.

STEP 12: Time to decorate your cake once it’s cooled down, I kept it really simple but jam in the centre and buttercream (butter and sugar mixed together) on the outside and used an icing bag around the outside. On the top of the cake I sprinkle icing sugar on the top and kept it simple through putting strawberries in the middle. I also lathered it with strawberry jam more towards the centre because would it be a Vicky sponge without it ? 

I hope you enjoyed this post, as it was a little bit different to what I usually do but I do hope you loved it and if you want me to do more baking posed in the future.
Stay beautiful x

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Blogger Babble- collab post

Hello guys, hope you are all well today’s post as from the title is a collaborative with an amazing blogger, I have gotten to know recently called Ellie. I couldn’t be more excited to collab with her as her blog is so flawless and through talking to know her I can tell she is an amazing and lovely person she has put so much effort into her blog you guys should defiantly go and check it out, supporting her in continuing to grow her blogging platform as she has such creative ideas that everyone. should get to read. Her links to social media and her blog will be included towards the end so don’t forget to check them out.

Today we have asked each other a range of questions varying from beauty and just getting to know us that we are going to answer on our blog’s so I hope you enjoy hearing my answers.

1. If you could describe yourself in one quote what would it be?

For me as cliche as this might sound, as I am strong believer in living in the moment it would have to be ‘You Only Live Once’ because it is ultimately a summary of my thoughts and is so accurate.

2. Where do you live by; seaside, countryside, city or town?

I live in London, capital of England and obviously a such massive iconic city.

3. What lead you to start your blog?

As basic as this may sound, it was ultimately my love of makeup and being requested to start a youtube channel by all my Instagram followers at the time, which I didn’t feel comfortable in doing as didn’t feel confident enough I leaned towards blogging as its such an engaging an interacting way to get in contact with those who share the same love for something you do.

4. How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?

I am 16 now for anyone who doesn’t know, but I began by wearing mascara and filling in my eyebrows infrequently from around the age of 12 then slowly I began to try more and filled in my eyebrows more regularly ( god knows why, they were horrendous !) But I brought my first foundation at the age of 14, and from then started to slowly practise more and trying to wear full face of makeup.

5. How would you describe your personally style?

I personally am not the biggest fashion lover, or the first to jump on trends usually so I would describe it as quite ‘basic’.

6. Do you watch Youtube, and who’s your favourite youtuber?

I always watch Youtube – I love it and my favourite youtuber changes every so often but at the moment is Caitlin Lawrence as I love her vlogs.

7. How long have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging for just under a year, so I guess you can say I am still new to it all !

8. Have you ever been to a blogging event ?

No I haven’t, I guess as a smaller blogger I haven’t had that opportunity yet, but I’d love to one day in the future attend one.

9. Do you have any other hobbies aside from blogging?

I really enjoy reading and thats a major thing I do in my spare time, I hopefully want to incorporate some book reviews on my blog soon, I also am quite an academic person so I do enjoy studying and learning new things and through being inspired by study you tubers such as Eve Bennett and UnJaded Jade when I begin school for the new year I will be dedicating a lot of revision based blog posts so look forward for that.

10. What is your current career and what are your plans after you leave sixth form?

So currently as I am 16 years old I haven’t began working as of yet and currently don’t intend to as I wish to focus majority of my attention on studying and feel it would be difficult to juggle school work and a job. As I am finished year 11 I am heading into my first year of A-Levels but by the end of sixth-form I am planning to go to University like many people I am still undecided on what I will study but I guess I still have time to choose !

11. Do you like to read, and what is your favourite book?

I love to read, and always use my kindle and currently my favourite book of course has to be a classic ‘ The Fault In Our Starts’ because I recently re-read it and just fell back in love I think the story is beautiful.

12. What is one of your favourite ways to relax?

One of the major things I love to do to relax is to paint my nails I just love doing it despite be not being great at it I enjoy spending time doing it.

13: What are your three top personal traits?

I would say ,I am quite conscientious as I like to think I am quite organised. I am also quite open and those close to me always know how I am feeling simply from looking at me. I can also be quite childish at times, not highly immature but I love play fighting and things like that.

14. Do you prefer painting your nails or applying false nails?

I love the look of acrylic nails when I get them done but they take so long to do I have to sit for ages, and they do damage my nails when removing so I would have to say painting my nails.

15. Do you have any beauty tips you swear by?

Yes I have quite a few, firstly always use primer a lot of people skip this step as they think that its not necessary but it honestly makes such a massive difference to the end result, also another tip is always take your time some people are really skilled in doing makeup in timed condition but honestly for the best result take your time to achieve a more flawless finish.

16. Have you ever done someone’s makeup for them?

I have, several time’s when getting ready with my friends for parties and other stuff I often do their eye makeup, I’ve also done family members makeup for special occasions.

17. What’s is your all favourite eyeshadow palette?

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette is my go-to  palette is has a beautiful selection of warm shades that I tend to wear daily.

18. Do you have a blogging goal you would like to achieve and if so what is it?

I personally don’t set myself goals as they can becoming really consuming but I am really happy with the way my blog is going at the moment so I hope it continues going in that direction.

Okay so that rounds up all of the questions I answered today I hope you enjoyed reading it please don’t forget to have a look at Ellie’s post, to have a look at the questions I asked her her link is here:

Thank you for reading, Stay beautiful  x

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Try It Tuesday- Elf Eyebrow Pencil

Hello, welcome to this week’s Try It Tuesday, this week is going to be showcasing a eyebrow pencil from elf which was only £3 !

Obviously elf is known for being an American brand, but I recently saw that its being sold in my local superdrug which is amazing !

This eyebrow pencil is super affordable comes packaged well and has a good quality eyebrow brush which is great whilst travelling. I mines into shad deep brown, the packaging is white which is really original and it comes with creamy wind up pencil product.

I really like this product due to it being creamy it is ridiculously easy to use it applies so smoothly and swatches well. Although it is not as dark as I typically would reach for it provides a natural finish which I love.

This has to be one of my favourite products I’ve tried for a try it Tuesday and its one I really recommend especially for people new to trying makeup its super natural easy to use. It lasts for ages and you don’t have to apply a lot of product to achieve a good finish.

Even though this was a brief Try It Tuesday I just can’r explain how much I do love this product and I have no negatives to say about this product if I am honest. 

Thank you for reading guys  !

Stay beautiful x

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Bold red lip and glowy skin makeup look

Hey guys today as from the title is going to be a makeup look. I really loved creating this look so I hope you enjoy seeing what I created.


Starting with the eyes I did my brows before hand and then prepped my eyelids for eyeshadow using my LA girl pro concealer, this is my favourite base as its a thick consistency so it works perfectly as a primer. For eyeshadow the palette I used today is my beloved Too Faced Chocolate Bar and I began by setting my lids with the shade ‘milk chocolate’ I do this just to allow the shadows to blend easily. To start defining my crease area with a fluffy brush I used the darkest colour called triple fudge I had to slowly work with this colour as its so pigmented and a little go’s a long way. Through my the socket of my eye I used an eyeshadow from makeup obsession in burnt  and this helped to allow the eye to look slightly more daytime appropriate. To subtly cut my crease I use my Mac studio finish concealer on small definer brush. Once that was done time to finally add glitter to my eyes so I dipped into the soft shimmer shade marzipan. Adding pencil liner to an eyeshadow look is something I’ve been loving to do recently really make my eyes stand out and today I used my get black liner from MUA . For my lower lash line I softly worked with the burnt shade from makeup obsession and blent it directly connecting it round to my eyes to give to illusion of wider eye shape. Finally after curling my lashes I used my soap & glory thick and fast on my upper and lower lashes to add length, then for definition I took my too faced better than sex mascara. 


After cleaning up my eyes I began with skin prepping it with my usual primer Maybelline instant pore eraser for a smoother finish, then on the high points of my face took the strobe cream from makeup revolution as this is a glowing look I used this to illuminate my skin. For foundation I took my favourite, L’Oreal true match this foundation is perfect to achieve a glowy finish. In order to a highlighted under eye area I took a mixture of the nyx HD concealer and LA pro concealer, these have been my recent favourite combination they work beautifully together. For a structure finish I took both concealers down the bridge of my nose, across my chin forehead and of course my under eye. I took the smallest amount of Urban decay de-slick powder lightly under my eye to prevent creasing. Next to contribute to a structured finish for contour I used my Barry M contour kit, using cream products is so much better when doing glowy skin and I only swept this across all the necessary areas of my face. Most important step, highlight highlight highlight ! As per usual I took none other than my beautiful Mac gold deposit mineralise skin finish and applied generous amounts along my face as well as my inner corner and brow bone. Taking a teeny amount of blusher on my brush in the shade pomegranate from sleek which was very subtle but paired perfectly with the look.


In order to add dimension to my lips I firstly took a darker lip liner by sleek in burgandy to carefully outline the shape of my lip before taking yet again another sleek product, but this time a liquid lipstick in the shade rojia red as my main colour.

This makeup look worked really well the eyes complemented the lips very well and can easily be worn throughout the dyes or as more of a glam look, I really hope you enjoyed reading it !

Thank-you for reading x

stay beautiful ❤

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My drugstore must haves

Hey guys, today I am going to be talking you through my favourite affordable makeup items. I am going to try my best to include a makeup item for each category.

For primer the only one from the drugstore that I love and reach for all the time is the Maybelline instant pore eraser primer it smooths your skin out so well prepping your skin well for makeup.

Foundation wise if you read my blog often then you will know I am obsessed with the L’Oreal true match foundation, its the one I use daily, it suits my skin tone and type perfectly and I understand why so many people love it.

The concealer I always lean towards is the LA girl pro, although I don’t use this one as often as I used to, I still love it the consistency is quite thick which I do like as it offers quite a full coverage.

Unfortunately there is not a drugstore powder I have found thats my favourite yet, but as an alternative to set my makeup I am obsessed with the Nyx dewy finish setting spray I’ve spoken about this in a few of my recent blog posts so I don’t want it to become repetitive so I think you get the idea, of how much I love this setting spray.

For my contour once again reverting back to Nyx which is a brand I have been loving recently, the drugstore product I recommend from them is the cream contour kit the reason I mainly love this is as its a cream it gives a really natural finish, as I don’t particularly like harsh contours as its a cream its so easy to blend it almost melts into my skin.

Daily I  do love to slather on my highend highlighters but when it comes to drugstore my favourites have to be from makeup revolution, specifically the ‘rock on world’ and gold addict’ these are beautiful shades and are insanely pigmented.

Next for blusher, which I have been loving to use lately , are all from sleek I love the their blush palettes especially the one in sugar and spice also lace. It contains 3 shades which is amazing as you have verity of shades to choose from.

Moving onto eyes, for brows once again back to sleek the brow kit is the only drugstore thing I love to use on my brows it is amazing value for money as there is a powder gel kit, which is good it is also easy to use nice and compact and great for travelling.

Mascara is always a holy grail for me, and as everyone thats probably ever tried this product will know how amazing the maybelline lash sensational mascara  I don’t even think I need to do an in-depth description of this product as everyone knows how amazing it is.

Palette wise, I haven’t tried a range from the drugstore but I do know from the ones I have tried the ones I love the most are all from make-up revolution , they formulate really high quality shadows and a range of different palettes its ridiculous they have one filled with colours to meet whatever your heart desires. They are also known for creating dupes to popular higher end palettes. One of my favourites is the redemption 2. 

Moving along to lips which certainly has to be the most difficult as there is so much to choose from but my absolute favourite lippies has to be revlon ! The revlon lip butter’s were spoken about so much few years ago but I for one am still on that trend. I am not somebody that likes wearing loads of lipstick so these suite me perfectly as they are lightweight and look really pretty on whilst moisturising your lips hence the name ‘butter’. 

This concludes my drugstore must haves, I hope you get the chance to try out some of these products and if you have let me know down below !

Stay beautiful x

Thank you for reading !
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